The holidays can be tough for couples in long-distance relationships. Thankfully, modern technology has made it easier than ever to stay connected while you’re apart. Here are some tips to help make sure that your relationship remains strong and vibrant during this special time of year:

1. Make an effort to show each other love every day – no matter how far apart you are. This could mean sending thoughtful gifts, writing daily love letters or even taking up small projects that you can do together virtually.

2. Take advantage of video calls as much as possible. Hearing each other’s voices and seeing each other’s faces makes a huge difference in staying intimate and connected.

3. Spend time together doing something fun – like playing an online game or watching a movie at the same time for a shared viewing experience. Or take turns sharing stories, jokes, and songs via text messages or emails.

4. Schedule date nights for when you can both be available at once. This will help create rituals that remind you of times spent together in real life, making it easier to stay connected when you’re apart.

5. Put some effort into your communications so that they remain special to one another by using creative mediums like writing letters or sending postcards or e-cards.

No matter how far apart you are, it’s possible to keep your relationship alive and thriving during the holidays with a little effort and creativity. Happy Holidays!