Couple Intensives - Private & Group Options


Are you a couple feeling distress and disconnection in your relationship? Have you stalled out in traditional couple’s counseling and need new insight on next steps for healing? Our 3-Day Couples Intensives were created with you in mind! Traditional counseling may not provide the needed support for couples who want to quickly identify how to stop the negative and destructive patterns in their relationship.

With specialized training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Gottman Method including recovering from affairs and addictions, Discernment Counseling, Neurodivergent Couple’s Coaching, and Developmental and Relational Trauma, Sharon is uniquely equipped to walk alongside couples experiencing relational distress and uniquely tailor an intensive to meet their specific needs. She provides a fresh perspective and works closely with other couple’s therapists to provide support and expertise in helping to identify deeper rooted issues that may block healing.

For couples in distress, an intensive allows you the opportunity to slow things down and walk through difficult conversations with the help of a skilled professional to help make sense of where you are and to provide clarity for next steps in your journey.

For couples who are ready to do significant work, this format allows you to focus on repairing your relationship in a faster format than traditional weekly counseling appointments allow. We will work together to create an after-care transition plan and coordinate referrals to best meet your unique needs. Whether participating in a Private or Group Couple’s intensive, you will receive a roadmap to care and opportunities to identify and focus on 1-2 specific areas where you are currently stuck in your relationship as well as tools to help continue your healing journey.

Contact our care coordinator for availability and to determine whether a Private or Group Couple’s intensive is the right fit for you. Intensives are not suitable for couples experiencing active relational distress due to affairs, addictions, or abuse. Couple’s Intensives are not used for diagnosis or treatment of mental health disorders, and as such, are not covered by insurance.


Call 513-766-8828 to schedule a free 30 min consultation call to learn more and to see if a couple’s intensive is right for you.



Couples Retreats


Whether you are newly married or have been dancing through life together for many years, it is common for couples to experience moments of disconnection. What if you were able to make sense of this disconnected cycle and make space to learn new ways of seeing your relationship through the lens of attachment while journeying together to foster a more secure bond?  Our 2 day experiential marriage retreat gives you the opportunity to do just that!

Winter Retreat

When: April 5&6, 2024

Where: Mason, Ohio

If you are not sure what path is the best next step for you, give our office a call 513-766-8828 and our care coordinator will help you find the right fit.

Couples Relationship Coaching


Welcome to our unique coaching packages, specially designed for couples wanting to deepen their connection. If you and your partner are not in the midst of a significant crisis but could benefit from learning how to communicate in new ways, our coaching is an ideal fit. We specialize in assisting neurodiverse couples and those who have navigated past relational hurts, offering a supportive space to maintain your healing journey.

Our approach is distinct: we understand that not all couple’s need or want traditional couples therapy, but there may be a desire to learn how to communicate in new ways that help strengthen your relationship. We offer coaching packages for couples wanting to work on targeted areas in their relationship. We offer a unique approach that integrates the best practices of how to help build relational health through communication, understanding the role of neurodiversity in relationships, and incorporate a trauma informed lens to strengthen your relational dynamics. Our coaching is not just about solving problems; it’s about enhancing the way you connect, communicate, and understand each other.

Whether you’re looking to break free from repetitive patterns, deepen your emotional connection, or simply add a fresh perspective to your partnership, our coaching packages are here to guide you. We empower you and your partner to not just navigate but also celebrate your relationship’s unique rhythm, ensuring that you continue to build on a foundation of authenticity, trust, and communication.

Couple’s Coaching is offered both in-person and virtually. If you are not sure what path is the best next step for you, give our office a call 513-766-8828 and our care coordinator will help you find the right fit.