The holidays can be a difficult time for those of us who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Grief is a natural emotion, and it can feel especially acute during the holiday season when so many of our memories are tied to celebrations with family and friends.

At such a hard time in our lives, we may feel overwhelmed by mixed emotions, sadness, or loneliness, but with some intentional planning and care, we can find ways to cope with grief and still enjoy the holiday season in our own way.

Here are some practical tips on how to cope with grief during the holidays:

1. Acknowledge your feelings

Denying or suppressing your feelings will not help you in the long run. Grief is a natural emotion, so allow yourself to feel it and don’t be afraid to express your feelings.

2. Connect with others

Reach out to friends or family members who can provide emotional support during this difficult time. Reconnecting with people who knew and loved your lost one can also be comforting and therapeutic.

3. Make New Memories

The holidays are about creating new memories, even without our lost loved ones present. Find ways to honor them by going through photos together, cooking their favorite dishes, or carrying on traditions that they started.

4. Honor Your Grief

Don’t be ashamed of allowing yourself moments alone to grieve or reflect on thoughts of your lost loved one. Grief shows up in unexpected ways and requires our attention. By simply honoring this space you allow yourself permission to be in the moment with all of your emotions. 

5. Celebrate joy

Grief is not the only emotion that you will feel during this time. Try to focus on all the positive things that life has to offer and look for opportunities to find joy in small moments, even if it’s just looking out the window at a beautiful sunset.

The holidays can be a difficult time for those of us who have experienced loss, but with some intentional planning and care, we can still enjoy the season in our own unique way. Grief is an emotionally-charged experience, but by acknowledging our feelings and connecting with others, we can find ways to cope and celebrate the holidays with joy. 

Final Words

This holiday season will be different for all of us. Whether we are coping with the loss of a loved one, struggling with our mental health, or simply feeling isolated, it’s important to find ways to connect and care for ourselves. These tips can help make the holidays a little brighter and a little easier. If you need more support, please reach out. We offer grief counseling and therapy services that can help you get through this tough time. Book a session now and let us help you celebrate this holiday season.